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Michael Schmid, Founder and CEO of schmizz communicate 360° 


Michael Schmid

Founder / CEO
Consulting / Writing / Photography

With enthusiasm, passion for communication and profound know-how, Michael has been leading the agency since its beginning 25 years ago. Creating meaningful, clearly structured and understandable content is one of his main goals. He is bubbling over with ideas and always comes up with a solution – no matter what the challenges are.

Furthermore Michael has always been a passionate photographer for more than 35 years now. His favourite topics are people, travel and concert photography.

            Languages: german, english, spanish

Denise Rankwiler

Project Management / Web Development / Graphic and Interaction Design / Photography

Denise takes care of the Online Department of our agency. Her core areas include conceptional design, development and security of web projects. Alongside her work at schmizz, she is studying Interaction Design at Basel Design School, which allows her to integrate the latest expert knowledge in our daily work.

Denise also shares the passion of photography and works as reportage photographer both for schmizz and her own projects.

          Languages: german, english, french

Leticia Rojas

Art Director / Graphic Design / Illustration

Creativity and passion: Leticia has been working in Agencies in Europe, USA and Latin America, creating successful design concepts for global brands. Her core areas are development of design concepts and campaigns, as well as choreographing holistic communication activities.

     Languages: spanish, english, german, swedish

Xenia Palacios

Project Management / Graphic Design / Web Design

With a keen sense of finesse for modern typo and graphic design, Xenia takes care of all kinds of designs – offline, online, Corporate Design, pictorial language and many more. We are also counting on Xenia’s profound knowledge of picture editing and pre-press.

     Languages: german, spanish, english